Progress not Perfection

Striving towards sustainability in a life surrounded by unsustainable products and experiences can be overwhelming. Don't be discouraged, every step counts towards a better world.

I have always enjoyed natural pathways if and wherever possible. But I was recently allured into the 'zero waste' lifestyle. How awesome, trash for an entire year can fit neatly into a mason jar, amazing!

Totally do-able right? wrong!

After that.. anything I did was never good enough. 

I was already buying bulk, gardening from seeds, cloth diapering and an avid recycler, but I was never doing enough!

I started second guessing every purchase and even if it's zero waste - how far did it travel to get to my doorstep? It all matters and it is all important but lets face it... We are absolutely surrounded by plastics, chemicals and trash. 

I write all that to say... I have come to the realization that just because you (or me) may not be able to go completely zero waste. It does not mean every small step we take counts for nothing, small changes add up and that is still something to be proud of. 

Lets take care of our earth as she takes care of us. 

Progress is what we aim for, not perfection.